Perfect 5500 instantaneous water heaters are 5,5 kW heaters designed for operation on 230V.

They are intended to supply hot water to such single draw-off points as washbasins, sinks, showers (with the recommended manufacturer’s shower set). The structure of the heating element enables its constant exposure to pressure up to 0,65 MPa. Therefore, any kind of pressure tap battery can be fitted to the heater. The device is mounted by the use of flexible hoses with rubber gaskets. Small dimensions and ease of assembly make it possible to install it quickly and to hide it, for instance, in the bathroom cabinet under the washbasin. Traditional switching mechanism on the spiral heating element has been eliminated in order to reduce the size of the device and to improve its reliability. It has been replaced with the electronic one consisting of an electronic system controlling the heater’s performance, a reed switch water flow sensor and an electronic power switch.

Wijas perfect Instant water heater 5.5kw

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  • This compact water heater has all the features of our Dafi brand however with the added advantage of having electronic switching therefore does not rely on any moving parts to activate the heater. This 5kw model is suitable for handwashing & kitchen sink. Instant water heaters are more efficient that conventional storage tank heaters because they only use electricity when you open the tap. You also have the added advantage of unlimited hot water and no tank that corrodes or leaks.