Perfect 500P instant water heaters are special versions of Electronic Perfect 500 water heaters intended to be installed in shower cabins.

They are equipped with a shower set with a suitable fine-stream shower aerator . It enables to adjust the water stream to the heating capacity of the heater. Perfect Electronic 500P water heaters are equipped with a special housing of the protection class IP 25. It means that the heater is hermetic and there is no risk of electrical shock.

The heater is additionally equipped with a control valve which controls the water flow in order to reach the right temperature. (suggested setting on installation in winter turn towards " - " in summer towards " + " )

Wijas 500P instant water heater with shower

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  • This compact water heater has all the features of our Dafi brand however with the added advantage of having electronic switching therefore does not rely on any moving parts to activate the heater. This 5kw model is suitable for showers. Instant water heaters are more efficient that conventional storage tank heaters because they only use electricity when you open the tap. You also have the added advantage of unlimited hot water and no tank that can corrode or leak.