Outdoor animal and rodent repeller, with PIR motion detector. Repels unwanted stray cats, dogs, rats, rabbits etc. Battery or mains operated.

PestClear Outdoor pest repeller + adj frequency.

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  • The Pest Clear Outdoor, uses high frequency sound waves to repel unwanted animals from you garden, pool area, front door etc. This model is weather proof and may be used in areas where no electrical outlet is available. Choice of batteries or mains operation (AC/DC adaptor or batteries not included). Maximum approx. coverage 21m x 15m (70ft. x 50ft.) of unobstructed area.

    • Batteries & AC/DC mains adapter not included.
    • Covers approx. 21m x 15m (70ft. x 50ft.) in a semi-circular unobstructed area.
    • Frequency: 17KHz - 23KHz - 40KHz adjustable.
    • Includes various mounting brackets, may also be installed (free standing) on a short broom stick.
    • LED Function indicator lights.
    • One year warranty.
    • PIR motion detector to save battery consumption. May also be switched to continuous operation.
    • Uses adjustable Ultra-Sonic/Sonic Technology to rid unwanted animals. Effective against unwanted dogs, cats & other animals and rodents.
    • Weather proof design.