Instant water heater (electronic type) compact efficient & economical. May also be used in conjunction with solar hot water systems. German product of the highest quality.

Stiebel Eltron DEM 6 Electronic & solar compatible

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  • This premium brand German made instant water heater is a cut above the rest. It regulates the output water temperature according to a preset level. Can be used with preheated and cold incoming water feed and is suitable to be used also with a solar hot water system. This heater will avoid the waste while you wait for the heated water to arrive from your solar holding tank on the roof. It will give you hot water within seconds and then reduce or switch off the energy used when your solar heated water arrives at your tap. Instant water heaters are more efficient that conventional storage tank heaters because they only use electricity when you open the tap. You also have the added advantage of unlimited hot water and no tank that corrodes or leaks. The 5.7kw model would be suitable for a bathroom sink and shower (if used with a low flow shower head).