Brush odors away. Give your pet a waterless bath. Repels fleas too!

Sila Pet waterless bath & flea repel brush

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  • Just five minutes a day will help keep pet odours away. Sila™ Waterless Bath and Flea Repel Brush neutralizes pet odors using Lentek’s exclusive Zyonic Technology™. This technology breaks down the impurities in the air helping to destroy pet odours. As an added bonus Lentek added Flea Repelling Technology that emits ultrasonic waves set to a frequency that helps control the continuous flea problem. The Waterless Bath Brush is completely harmless to you and your pet. The sturdy bristles help you comb out most stubborn tangles and gently and silently bathes your pet with up to 100 trillion super oxygenated molecules every second. It silently circulates the air to clear odours on your pet. This technology breaks down the odours and particles that cause them and leaves only fresh oxygen in its path so your pet ends up smelling fresh and looking clean. The brush plate is removable and a hanging storage slot was added on the handle for convenience. Keep carpet and upholstery cleaner and reduce pet dander. Inside the comfortable handle is the new Zyonic Technology that uses exclusive Super oxidating Sanatizer(SOS) technology to clean your pet with every brush, leaving your pet smelling after bath fresh and clean. Plus, the easily removeable bristles allow you to comb away dander, tangles, and debris, to condition the luster back into the pet's coat. Also, ideal for any pets who hate water including your cats or long hair dogs. Your pet will love to get brushed and you will love to smell the results. And best of all, everytime you brush you will be fighting any fleas that your pet carries. Simply to clean too! Just lift off the brush plate and rinse under clean water.

    • Battery preserve function that shuts off in five minutes automaticly.
    • CE approved.
    • Lentek brought our pest control technology into this pet brush by incorporating a flea repel function. Now you can brush away the smell while controlling the fleas.
    • Measures 10" x 4" x 2 3/4".
    • One year warranty.
    • Runs up to six months on one 9v battery (not included).
    • Weighs 20 oz.
    • Winner of the ERA New Product award.