The personal air purifier you wear! Purify the air you breathe, by replicating nature's process of combating air pollution with this little machine.

Sila "My Air" portable personal ionizer

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  • Air pollution one of our nation’s biggest pollution problems. Sila™ Personal Air Source, My Air™ is Zedco's solution to this problem. My Air™ uses Zyonic Technology to create pure mountain fresh air in a compact, portable, discreet device. Attaches to Neck Strap (provided) or to the built in belt clip. The built in legs allow the unit to stand on desks or tables making it perfect for office use. The Personal Air Source silently circulates the air and uses Zyonic Technology to help breakdown the impurities in the air by adding negative ions to pollutants causing the combined molecules to drop to the ground. This can significantly reduce the number of airborne pollutants. What a great gift for allergy suffers. Users have said that the The Personal Air Source My Air™ can also help relieve office fatigue and low energy levels. The product is ideal for use on airplanes, trains and buses or any other forms of mass transit.