Brush away odors such as cigarette smoke etc. while removing lint!

Sila clothes freshener & lint brush

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  • The clothing we wear collect pollutants in the fabric from air indoors and outdoors. With business and leisure travelers on the go there is not always the luxury of bringing several garments with you and having your clothes dry-cleaned may not be convenient or reliable. Plus all that dry-cleaning can get expensive. Sila™ Clothes Freshener and Lint Brush sweeps away unpleasant odors using Lentek’s Zyonic Technology™ while removing lint and pet hair at the same time. The Sila™ Clothes Freshener and lint brush neutralizes the odors and pollutants that may be lingering on your clothing. This technology works silently to help eliminate odors by using Zyonic™ Super Oxidating Sanitizing Technology (SOS). SOS restores freshness and neutralizes odors and pollutants on all your garments leaving breathable clean oxygen. It’s compact size and carry case make if convenient for the office and travel. A slot for easy hanging storage makes it perfect for home use.
    • All these benefits from Lentek's innovative Zyonic technology
    • Battery preserve function that shuts off in five minutes automaticly.
    • Can be conveniently hung from anywhere.
    • CE approved
    • Comes with a storage bag for on the go travel.
    • Compact, portable and ready to use.
    • Helps to remove lingering smell by creating super charged oxygen using Lentek's exclusive Super Oxidating Sanitizer (SOS).
    • Includes a convenient travel case.
    • Made of durable plastic.
    • Measures 9 1/2" long.
    • One year warranty.
    • Runs on one 9v battery (not included).
    • Weighs just 8 oz.