PestSystems LP32 x 4pack pest repellers

SKU: 23
  • Effective against: Mice, Rats, Cockroaches, Spiders, Fleas and many other crawling insects. The LP32 uses fluctuating ultrasonic waves to keep your home free from pests and is totally safe for you, your family, the environment and has no effect on cats, dogs, fish or birds. With a unique "Sweep Sound Technology" the LP32 creates a constantly changing environment that pests cannot tolerate. The unit plugs directly into a plug socket and is most discreet at only 6cm (2.5") diameter. All small ultrasonic units will only work in the room that they are placed, the LP32 is no different, this is because this type of unit relies on ultrasonic sound waves, and as we know, these sound waves do not travel effectively through walls. This is why the LP32 is supplied in a 4-pack. The use of only one unit may just move the pest from one room to another. With four repellers you can cover a much larger area or multiple rooms. The LP32 4-pack is commonly purchased to complement the performance of the PestSystems LP22 where ultrasonic sound waves are required in additional rooms to help create a more hostile environment. A humane pest control method that involves no chemicals, traps or the removal of dead bodies. May affect rodent pets. Supplied with a 2-year warranty.