Instant water heater built in to a Mixer/Faucet. Just connect to your cold water supply and plug in. A simple solution for hot water anywhere.

KDR-2 Instant water heater faucet/tap

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  • Mixer with built-in water heater. Now you can save yourself a good deal of money in 3 ways. No storage water heater to buy saving you money. Less electricity consumption as this mixer only switches on the heating element on demand, therefore gone are the days when your water heater is switched on 24hrs a day to keep the temp. of the stored water. For those of you whose present water heater is not directly under the kitchen sink water, as there is no need to let the water run till it reaches your mixer, get hot water within seconds.

    • CE certified.
    • For kitchen or washroom use. (not suitable for the bath)
    • Ideal for new & old installations.
    • Instant hot water without conventional storage heater.
    • Mixer uses a compact 3kw heating element. It is therefore highly recommended that you consult your electrician as to the suitability of your present wiring system before installation.
    • Save buying yourself a storage water heater which means our mixer more than pays for itself from the moment you buy it.
    • Save on electricity consumption as the heating element will only switch on when hot water is required thus using only seconds of expensive electric current.
    • Save on your water bills.
    • Save valuable space in your kitchen cupboard.
    • Unlimited hot water.
    • Wall mounted as shown in picture.
    • Warranty Period: 12 months
    • Water pressure: Min. 0.5bar - 3bar Max.