Significantly reduce the number of flies in your outdoor area. No mess disposable fly trap.

Fly City Flytrap uses biomass bait

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  • Flies find their way in but not out ! Effective for 5 to 6 weeks, with a range of 50 to 100 mt. Very effective in decreasing the fly problem of an area, even pesticide resistant flies. Why Trap Flies? If you understand the multiplier effect that can be generated by one female fly, you can see how trapping just one can have a dramatic effect on the local population. The female housefly, for example, lives about two and a half months and lays between 600 and 1,000 eggs during its lifetime. On the average, 12 generations of houseflies are produced in one year. Therefore, that one female could be responsible for many hundreds of thousands of flies. A farmer’s true friend for use in the poultry industry, on dairy farms, stables, livestock ranches, feed lots, kennels and near waste products. Also restaurants dumpsters or anywhere that flies are a problem including outdoor home use. If it is effective on a farm, you can be sure it will work for your home. Frequently Asked Questions:- Is the Fly Trap designed for indoor or outdoor use ? It is intended for OUTDOOR USE ONLY. The Ultra Biomass bait is composed of sterilized food materials. Pour the bait into the trap and add water. When left in the sun, food scents drift out of the trap and into a wide surrounding area. This attracts the flies. The warmer the weather, the quicker this happens. The Fly Trap should be placed outdoors in direct sunlight about 10mt away from the building. Do not use indoors or under a roof. Does the Ultra Biomass Bait begin to attract flies immediately ? The bait must get warm in the sun allowing the scents be carried into the surrounding area, as mentioned above. In warm weather, this takes about 2 days. In cooler climates, it can take a few more days to reach full tempo. The process can be speeded up by activating the bait with warm water and keeping the solution warm in a jar indoors before transferring it outdoors. In both warm and cool climates, the activation can be speeded up by adding in a pinch of your local damp soil. Is the bait Toxic, Poisonous, or an Insecticide ? Absolutely not. Over how large an area is the trap effective ? About 50 to 100 (meters) radius. What do we do with it when it is time to replace the trap ? You can safely just throw it away. Or if you are a bit adventurous, the contents can be emptied into a garden area since the decomposing flies make an EXCELLENT natural fertilizer. Is there an odor ? There might be as the flies begin to decompose. The best solution is to change the trap a bit more frequently. What happens if the water evaporates due to my local climate ? The best thing is to top it up with your garden hose. Does it catch other types of insects and bugs as well ? Yes. Not as well as the flies themselves, but definitely yes. Is there anything else we should know ? The Fly trap is very effective, affordable, and practical in helping keep flies away from those places where you don’t want them. IT WORKS. That’s the most important thing to know. 
    • Also effective on fruit flies.
    • Costs only a fraction of insecticides and works far more effectively.
    • Maintenance free and completely disposable. Nothing to clean up.
    • NO toxins, NO poisons, NO insecticides.
    • Ultra Biomass bait developed by leading university researchers.
    • Used extensively in the pest control industry.
    • Used in many countries worldwide.
    • User friendly, environment friendly, ozone friendly.