Instant water heater efficient hot water system switches on demand only not standby losses.

Dafi Instant water heater 9.0kw (3 phase)

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  • Swiss technology instant water heater. Now you can save yourself a good deal of money. No storage water heaters in your bathroom. Less electricity consumption as this heater only switches on demand. Therefore gone are the days when your water heater is switched on 24hrs a day to maintain the temp. of the stored water. Save water as there is no need to let your water run till the hot water reaches the mixer. Save space and do away with unsightly huge storage water heaters, this unit only measures 161 x 86 x 113 mm its not a mistake they are really that small. This 9.0kw unit is suitable to feed a small apartment (kitchen sink, wash basin & shower). Also suitable for back to back bathrooms. (please note this unit require 3 phase electricity supply).